Our school trains individuals to become Biomusica instructors, through an intense theoretical and practical program.  The students will experience firsthand techniques that focus on   personal development.  During the training, the student will learn to help others resolve emotional, physical and/or psychological conflicts and by so doing, lead them to acquire a greater awareness and well being.



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Areas of Intervention

Biomusica can be applied to any sector whose objective is to better the quality of people’s lives through prevention, education, rehabilitation and/or personal development.
We work in many countries, with different languages and populations.  Our techniques can be used in different areas, in groups of any age: children, young adults, adults, elderly, with or without declared symptoms.

Biomusica and Health

Biomusica and Socialization

Biomusica and Education

Biomusica and Personal Development



Biomusica is a discipline that influences positively on the psychophysical balance of the individual, benefitting their growth and development. 
It proposes energetic exercises, games and experiences in a direct, practical and experiential way.  The objective is to improve the quality of the individual’s social and personal life.
Mario Corradini- musician, music therapist and professor- created Biomusica applying the results of his research on how sound can be used for therapeutic purposes and as a valuable tool in self-development. 
In recent years, Biomusica has grown and consolidated as a music therapy method in different countries.  Currently, it is working on numerous projects, particularly in the areas of health, education, social and personal development.

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